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Swimrun for Arc: The 6 Swimrunners United By Cancer Research

Six swimrunners will come together in early May to tackle the 47km Gorges du Verdon Swimrun in May. They are a team united by a common goal of raising funds and awareness for Swimrun for Arc.

5 members of the team. Photo credit: Adam Mac Douglas.

Paris based Adam Mac Douglas has set up Swimrun for Arc, a charitable project combining his love of sport with an important cause. For Adam who has sadly lost family members to cancer, The Arc Foundation is the perfect partner for Swimrun for Arc as the organisation is dedicated to cancer research.

His teammates share the same passion and support for the Swimrun for Arc project. Dorian Louvet got involved as ‘I’m interested in this sporting challenge. Plus, I do it with interesting people I want to share an adventure with. I get involved in this project because cancer affects everyone, and I have already made projects with the arc foundation. I am happy to support them once again’.

This will be Dorian’s first endurance swimrun although he admits ‘running in a suit is not pleasant!’

For experienced swimrunner, Fredrik Axgard it is ‘first and foremost, it is an honor to be a part. I did not hesitate for a second. Can I, in anyway, contribute to the research on pancreas cancer, I will do of course. And (it) being linked to swimrun in fantastic Verdon is great!’

Fredrik’s race partner Hugo Tormento sums it up ‘cancer is a world phenomenon that that touch everybody without warning. Pancreas one is one of the most dramatic one. Being able to raise money for it is more than a honor. You never know what can happen tomorrow and I would be happy if I get touch by cancer and that medicine is able to solve it. That’s a way I can help for it’

Come May, Adam will be donning a wetsuit and taking his first foray into swimrun. He faces a stiff test in the spectacular Gorges du Verdon Swimrun, but will be surrounded by an all-star team and can rely on his strong background in competitive swimming and ultra-running to get him through the day.

For backstroke specialist Camille Lacourt swimming front crawl in shoes will be ‘a rendezvous in unknown lands. It’s not my specialty, but it’s a nice challenge and I’m happy to do it’.

The Gorges du Verdon Swimrun is a course of titanic proportions set in the breathtakingly national park of Verdon. The route winds its way through the largest canyon in Europe and has over 40km of running and 7km of swimming through lucid green waters. This along with lung-busting climbs (over 1667m ascent) will make it a tough day at the office for all competitors.

Photo credit:swimrunman.fr

Swimrun for Arc has several objectives. Firstly, to raise at least 4740 euros (corresponding to the course length at 47.40km long). Secondly to highlight awareness of pancreatic cancer which can be particularly nasty and finally to raise the profile of the ARC Foundation to the swimrun community.

The team have been assembled and is made up of high calibre athletes; swimrun world champions, celebrated distance runners, an Olympian and first-timer swimrunners. A fine example of what is so positive about the sport of swimrun. People of different backgrounds coming together to do a good thing. 

Adam and his project partner David Heilbronn are in good spirits and ready for the challenges ahead. There is pressure for Adam to finish the course, as the ‘chef de project’, but he is knows he can do it. He also has an important message to share on pancreatic cancer, if in any doubt go and see your doctor – early detection of this type of cancer can be a life-saver.

To donate to the Swimrun for Arc campaign, please visit their website below. Bonne chance gentlemen! To read how the team got on, visit the race report here.

The Swimrun for Arc Team

Adam Mac Douglas @adam_mac_douglas
Dorian Kohlanta @dorian_kohlanta
Camille Larcourt @cam_lacourt_off
Hugo Tormento @hugo_newcal
Stephane Bougouin @steph_runforarc
Fredrik Axegård, youtube video

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