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British Swimrun Comes Together To Discuss Future

British swimrun organisers and promoters came together for a historic meeting to discuss a united front to grow the domestic sport and develop the United Kingdom into a ‘mecca for swimrun’.

While many of the points are still under active discussion, one thing is clear. Those in the UK who are in active promoter roles, are prepared to come together to help grow the sport.

Why did this happen?

As the sport of swimrun continues to recovers from the pandemic, those in the industry are now keen to push on and expand the sport to a wider audience. Swimrun is still relatively small in the UK, but has a world-class portfolio of races and is accurately summarised by one of the event promoters, Jude Palmer as having a ‘unique flavour’.

Adventure, fun and inclusivity are key pillars of the UK swimrun scene. So come and swimrun in our majestic seas, rivers, lakes and reservoirs!

This meeting was coordinated by swimrun enthusiast, David Trehane. We will report un updates as they develop and welcome feedback from the swimrun community.

What can I do as someone who is interested in swimrun?

Sign up to a race and encourage your friends to as well. It really is that simple! In order for swimrun to develop over the short term, WE NEED YOU to participate in swimrun. You can see races by following the below links or to our 2023 calendar.

Participating organisations

While this is not an exclusive list of all organisers and promoters of swimrun, it probably captures about 80% of swimrun races in the UK. If you are in an ‘active promoter’ role within swimrun, do get in touch.

Mad Hatter Sports Events

Love SwimRun


As Keen As Mustard Events

Swim Oxford

South East Swimrun Series

Great North Swimrun

Southsea Swimrun Club


Precision Fuel & Hydration

Urban Swimrun Series (new for 2023)

Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of swimrun.com. He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.

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