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Luxembourg’s Hidden Gem: All About The SuretoSure Swimrun

The SuretoSure Swimrun is Luxembourg’s original swimrun race. Participants will experience fine shore to shore swims across majestic reservoir lakes of the river Sure and trail running through dense forests in the surrounding hills. The race is sponsored by CDDS and partnered with Brouwerij Debrabandere & Head. caught up with race organisers Yann-Alexandre Tytgadt […]

Burleigh Swim Run Attracts Over 800 Competitors

Swimrun in Australia continues to thrive with the 12th edition of the Burleigh Swim Run on the Gold Coast attracting a sell out field. The Burleigh Swim Run has a 400m Ocean swim followed by a 4km beach run. There are also two other formats, a ‘taster’ event and one for juniors. The swimrun launched […]