Swimrun Wetsuits

Swimrun wetsuits are highly advanced pieces of equipment. Providing flexibility, comfort and a range of movement to cope with the demands of swimrun races. Swimrun wetsuits have been designed so that you can run fast in them, perform through dynamic transitions and with buoyancy and warmth on swims.

What are the key features you should look for in a swimrun wetsuit?

Comfort: The most important thing is comfort. You should have a wetsuit which gives you all-day comfort when running and swimming.

Flexibility: Swimrun is a dynamic sport and as such a good swimrun wetsuit will not be restrictive.

Storage: Having at least one pocket is essential. You will need to store energy, whistle and any spare equipment such as goggles.

Durability: Swimrun races are very demanding and there are lots of things which will want to rip and tear into your lovely swimrun suit.

Warmth: Generally speaking swimrun races operate in waters with 14 degrees +. Unlike other sports, the constant in and out nature of swimrun means you will get cold more easily, the longer a race goes on.

What swimrun wetsuit brands are there?

ARK Sports

Colting Wetsuits

DHB Sport







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