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Alex Sheen

Alex discovered swimrun in 2021 after stumbling across it on a sports retailers website during a “renaissance period” of athleticism after many years away. He is now totally hooked and is passionate about getting others to give it as go!

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Abi Lister

Abi has a real flair for writing, having written for a number of travel and education publishers. She has a strong academic background with a BA in English and American Literature and an MA in North American Studies.

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Paul Mackenzie

Paul is an outdoor swim coach, outdoor first aider and RLSS lifeguard. He has spent most of his adult life involved in water sports which started with a love of rivers; joining and then leading white water kayaking expeditions all over the world. Adventure swimming was a natural progression and he has developed this passion over the last 15 years and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

Connect with Paul here: @adventureswims

Fred Newton

Fred is the ex-Race Director of the Breca Swimrun race series and regularly participates in ultra endurance events. For Fred, swimrun is ‘natures sport’ and he loves the unbridled joy of traversing through water and land by your own power. He has had to learn how to swim with paddles and a pull buoy.

Connect with Fred: @fredwnewton