Swimrun Goggles

Your selection of goggles for swimrun should start with looking at a pair which have been designed for open water swimming (OWS). Goggles are a very personal choice and its worth investing time in training to find a pair which suit you. We have seen all sorts of goggles used in swimrun; full face masks and even the occasional goggles and snorkel setup! It really is about finding a pair which works for you.

Polarised goggles are great if the sun is out but a clear pair could be better on darker rainy days.

Gear Review: ARK Sports Goggles Ltd Black
The ARK Sports Goggles Ltd Black purport to be an 'optimal all-around swim goggle that makes your vision clear' designed for the open water and the pool. Our tester, Alex Sheen put the goggles through their paces at ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World …
The Best Swimrun Goggles: Colting Open Water Goggles (OW) Under Test
Swedish brand Colting Wetsuits is a specialist swimrun gear producer borne out of founder Jonas Colting’s frustration with the lack of swimrun availability in the early days of the sport. Our tester, Alex Sheen put Colting's Open Water goggles through their paces …
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