Swimrun FAQs

So what exactly is a tether? What gear do I need for swimrun? What is the ÖTILLÖ? Read this section for frequently asked questions about swimrun.

What is a swimrun event?

A swimrun event is a race along a pre-defined course where you alternate between running and swimming. You start and finish in the same gear and will complete multiple swims and multiple runs.

What do you wear to a swimrun?

Your basic setup will be a wetsuit, shoes, goggles and a swim cap.

What is a swimrun wetsuit?

A swimrun wetsuit is a wetsuit which has been specifically designed for swimrun. A swimrun wetsuit differs from a normal wetsuit as they have less neoprene in some areas, enabling grater ease of movement while running. A Swimrun wetsuit has a front rather than a back zip so you can regulate your body temperature on runs. You still benefit from buoyancy and warmth in the water.

What is a swimrun race called?

A swimrun race is traditionally named after the location it operates in. For example a swimrun hosted in Hawaii might be called The Kona Swimrun.

Do you wear socks in swimrun?

Short answer, yes. You will need to wear socks to keep grit and friction from causing blistering. More on that here.

How do you train for a swimrun?

Swimrun training involves pool and/or open water swimming and running with specific Swimrun training (at least x 2 runs and x 2 swims in one session). More on that here.

Do you swim in shoes in swimrun?

Yes, you swim in your shoes. In swimrun, you start and finish in the same equipment which includes weraing your shoes. Participants often used additional flotation to counterbalance the impact of shoes dragging their legs down.

How long is a swim run?

A ‘swim run’ or a swimrun can vary from 5km to over 80km. Traditionally the ‘Sprint’ race is between 10km – 20km and a ‘Full’ course race 25km – 50km.

How do you swim with a pull buoy?

The pull buoy should sit between your upper thighs just below the crotch. Pull buoys are an essential bit of kit to stop your shoes from sinking down and creating drag. More on that here.

How should a Swimrun wetsuit fit?

The fit should be tight but you should have full range of motion, this is important while you are running. Arm mobility is also key and should not be restricted.

What do you wear under a swim run wetsuit?

Most people don’t wear anything under a swim run wetsuit (bottom half). Women normally wear a sports sports or similar on their top half. You can also wear a light top under your wetsuit. Seperate top and bottoms is better than an all-in-one.

How do you cut a swimrun wetsuit?

You should cut a normal wetsuit just above the knees using a pair of sharp scissors.

How tight should a swimrun wetsuit be?

The fit should be snug but not restrict your range of motion.

Can you jog in a wetsuit?

Yes, you can jog in a wetsuit. If modifying a full-length wetsuit, we would recommend cutting it at the knees. Alternatively you can purchase a swimrun specific wetsuit.

What is the ÖTILLÖ race?

The ÖTILLÖ race are the founders of the swimrun sport and the now the largest organiser of swimruns worldwide. More on the ÖTILLÖ race here.

What is the difference between swimrun and aquathlon?

A swimrun will have multiple swim and run stages in alternate heras an aquathlon only has one swim and one run. In swimrun you have to carry all your own gear from start to finish, in aquathlon you can leave equipment at the transition point.

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