Swimrun Pull Buoys

Swimrun pull buoys when combined with hand paddles can be a key additional part of your core swimrun kit setup. In essence the pull buoy stops your hips and feet from sinking while you are swimming in your shoes, this also allows your legs to rest for the run sections while keeping you in a good swimming position. There are a range of pull buoys out there with an increasing number of ergonomically designed ones to enhance performance.

NU Orza Pull Buoy: The Delightfully Versatile Pull Buoy For All Swimrunners
NU Complements are one of the leading suppliers of swimrun equipment, with a reputation for high quality and durable gear. Swimrun.com took a deep dive …
Top 5 Swimrun Pull Buoys
A Swimrun pull buoy is the first bit of kit you are likely to get in addition to your core Swimrun setup (wetsuit & shoes). …
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