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NU Orza Pull Buoy: The Delightfully Versatile Pull Buoy For All Swimrunners

NU Complements are one of the leading suppliers of swimrun equipment, with a reputation for high quality and durable gear. Swimrun.com took a deep dive with founder Xavi García Carabí, to look at the NU Orza Pull Buoy.

Should athletes do swimrun with or without a pull buoy?

The use of the pull buoy is very personal choice. Good swimmers at first always think it’s not necessary, but in the end I think swimming with a pull buoy always adds up.

The only thing that can impact my decision me to use or not the pull buoy is the type of course .If it is a sprint distance with short swimming sections, I may not use the pull buoy. But for longer distances , I have no doubt, always use pull buoy.

What are the main advantages of swimming with a pull buoy vs calf sleeves? 

Calf sleeves are a protective object for rock outings. The advantage of the pull buoy is that you always have a good position in the water and slide faster and can rest your legs for running sections.

How does the Orza perform?

The Orza for has a very good balance since it floats enough but without harming the lower back due to excessive buoyancy.

What is the main difference between the Orza and the Orza Plus?

The main difference is the size. The Orza Plus (RRP €45) is more focused on long distance swimruns and the Orza (RRP €40) is more versatile since it allows you to train in the pool and compete with it.

How much testing and development went into creating the Orza? 

To create the Orza we spent a year developing to find the ideal size to be able to make the entire product in one piece without having to use glue. It is built from a rectangular piece and is lowered until obtaining the pull buoy.

Why is the Orza designed in a ‘H’ shape? 

The main idea was that it had two positions, that is, the person could choose which part he wanted to fit more between his legs, thus having greater comfort.

Finally, how robust is the Orza? 

The Orza is built in a single piece and this makes it robust and at the same time has its point of flexibility so that it can have a long life. It also influences the high-density Eva Foam material that makes it light but durable

For more information about NU and Orza: nucomplements.com

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Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of swimrun.com. He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.

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