Top 5 Swimrun Pull Buoys

A Swimrun pull buoy is the first bit of kit you are likely to get in addition to your core Swimrun setup (wetsuit & shoes). An excellent bit of kit when coupled with hand paddles to make swimming faster and easier while greatly reducing the drag effect of swimming in your shoes. Swimrun pull buoys are traditionally either strapped to your outer thigh while running or nestled into your lower back. Here are some of the best out there:

1. Ark Keel™

The Ark Keel is a seriously good bit of kit. Designed with the help of some of the best in the sport, it punches well above its weight for buoyancy and performance.


Another options which has performance at its heart, the SWIMRUNNERS™ Piraya pull buoy is well made and does the job. There is also the ‘SuperPiraya’ version which is as big as it gets while still being legal for races.


Orca are a well established Swimrun brand and have a solid if not unremarkable pull buoy. One that won’t break the bank and good option for beginners.

4. HUUB Big Buoy 4

The HUUB Big Buoy is big! A highly rated pull buoy which provides massive buoyancy. Check with race organisers to see if its compliant.


Another one which looks like a Space Ship, Spanish based company Nu produce a popular pull buoy at a reasonable price.

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