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Top 5 Swimrun Calf Guards

Swimrun calf guards are a superb piece of kit. With the drag and sinking effect of wearing shoes, calf guards can give you extra buoyancy. Calf guards can be used in addition to a pull buoy for ‘super-buoyancy’ or replace the need to have a pull buoy altogether. 

Calf guards also protect a part of your body most likely to take a hammering from rocks, plants and anything which wants to scratch you.


These are a robust and thick pair of calf guards. Users have reported how much they help with buoyancy and offsetting the drag experienced by wearing shoes. At 8mm thickness, they also offer plenty of warmth which makes the Zone3 Calf Sleeves a good cold water option.

Orca Swimrun Calf Guards

Orca’s calf guards ‘eliminate the need for a pull buoy’ while protecting your legs from things that want to scratch them (brambles, rocks etc). These calf guards do run small so we recommend getting a size up.


Head’s calves guards at 4.2mm thick are designed to be used in addition to a pull buoy. The bright red colour is also a useful visual aid for the second teammate while on swims.

NU Amphibio Calf

The most competitively priced option, NU Calf Guards are more akin to a compression sock. They still provide buoyancy but should be used in addition to other flotation aids.

Yonda Calf Guards

Yonda Calf Guards provide plenty of buoyancy and warmth at 5mm. Made from quality yamamoto neoprene as all Yonda swimrun wetsuits are, a good robust option.

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