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Orca Release New Swimrun Range

Open water swimming brand, Orca have released a new range of swimrun wetsuits offering two options, the Aesir (flex and thermal versions) and Vanir. The wetsuits share characteristics of Orca’s original suits but with significant upgrades. Orca have designed simple and unfussy suits which appear comfortable and hard wearing. Fit runs true to size.

Orca were one of the first brands to enter swimrun with a connection to the sports ‘pure enjoyment of adventure’, more on that here. After a quiet couple of years, Orca have returned with their best swimrun wetsuits yet.

Vanir Flex Swimrun Wetsuit

Retailing at £199, the Vanir Flex Swimrun wetsuit is Orca’s entry level option. It is the ‘most comfortable’ in Orca’s swimrun range. With a DuraSkin 2 outer layer to protect the suit from tearing and one large back zipper pocket to stash gear and nutrition.

Aesir Flex Swimrun Wetsuit

Retailing at £449, the Aesir Flex Swimrun Wetsuit is Orca’s premium race suit, the Aesir is designed to have ‘superior elasticity’, that is to say the suit performs extremely well with the demands of swimrun on transition and in run stages. A pattern construction prevents water ingress. Also with DuraSkin 2 technology which prevents abrasions and rips from rocky transitions and trails. Also with a large zipper pocket on the back of the suit.

Aesir Thermal Men Swimrun Wetsuit

Retailing at £399 and based on evolution on the Swimrun RS1, the Aesir Thermal Swimrun Wetsuit is scored 10/10 for thermal insulation by Orca. Designed with more neoprene for colder water but less flexibility than the Aesir Flex. The suit incorporates Light Thermal lining for warmth retention along with the construction of front zipper, the standard for all swimrun suits. The suit is also has one large pocket on the back.

More information on Orca’s new range is available here.

Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of swimrun.com. He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.

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