10 Best Swimrun Wetsuits

As far as swimrun gear goes, your swimrun wetsuit is the most important piece of kit. You’ll be wearing this for the entire duration of a race which could be 8 hours long. It should be able to cope with both long swims and challenging running sections without overheating. A good swimrun wetsuit should be hard-wearing and provide buoyancy and may have additional features to make your race easier such as removable arm sleeves and pockets to stash food and gels in. Most suits these days have whistles built in as required by race organisers.

As we look forward to the return of many global swimrun races in 2022, we’ve delved into the world of swimrun wetsuits to bring you the very best options on the market. On our list, you’ll find both top-of-the-range and affordable options, for both the beginner and the experienced swimrunner.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 best swimrun wetsuits.

1. 2XU Swimrun Pro Wetsuit

2XU have made a great suit here. Using premium Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, 8mm in upper legs for buoyancy and careful design for flexibility on run stages. Pockets are well designed to stash swimming cap and goggles. This is a swimmers swimrun suit with SCS hydrodynamic coating to reduce drag in the water.

2. Head Swimrun Myboost Pro

The Myboost Pro is the newest wetsuit in Head’s popular swimrun line. The suit features 4mm air cell neoprene with additional buoyancy in the chest and quads, as well as detachable sleeves. There’s both a front and back zipper and front and back tow loops for accessories like flotation devices. As an upgrade from their popular Myboost SL, this is a dependable wetsuit with enough flexibility that you can adapt it to your needs.

3. Zone3 Swimrun Evolution Wetsuit

This is one of the most advanced swimrun suits out there. Crammed with technology, the Evolution wetsuit is incredibly light and designers have focused on comfort. There are a useful six pockets and altught the suit is light, it doesn’t compromise on buyonacy. Expect this to be one of the most popular suits in 2022.

4. Blueseventy Alliance

The Alliance is made for swimrun, with a built-in extended front zipper, removable sleeves, and tether loops. It also features two internal front pockets for accessories or nutrition plus a larger back pocket.

5. Decathlon Swimrun Wetsuit

This one’s ideal for beginners – it comes in at just £179.99 but provides quality design and comfort for anyone new to the sport. The unisex wetsuit has all the standard accessories including inner and outer pockets and both a front and back zip. The arms and legs are both half-length sleeves, so bear this in mind if you’re racing in the winter months.

6. ARK Sports ORNÖ™ 02

ARK was born in the birthplace of swimrun, Sweden, and their flagship ORNÖ™ wetsuit pays tribute to the home of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships. It’s described as a suit with “no unnecessary additions” – it has everything you need and no fluff. Weighing just 580g, it remains flexible both in and out of the water and has a strategically-placed buoyancy belt around the lower chest made of 4mm AIR cell neoprene. ARK have been producing the gold standard of swimrun suits for years.

7. ARK Sports ORNÖ X™

Another ARK, but this one is the successor to the ORNÖ™ 02 and ideal for experienced swimrunners looking for a top-of-the-line suit. This one is even lighter than the ORNÖ™ at 510g and features better thermal capabilities for winter races. It also features better buoyancy – the “master belt” around the chest is now made from 5mm buoyancy FOAM for better flotation. There’s also a front zipper, back pocket, and separate arm sleeves.

8. Orca Swimrun Wetsuit Core

There may be newer models from Orca’s swimrun wetsuit line, but the Core is still a favourite among swimrunners. The suit is made from Yamamoto 39 neoprene, which has greater elasticity than standard neoprene. This means it is more flexible, with less force needed for movement. The outer pockets are large enough to hold additional buoyancy materials, and it has a front upper and removable sleeves.

9. Yonda 2021 GHOST 3 SR

The Ghost 3 SR is Yonda’s specialist swimrun wetsuit, with all the features of their award-winning Ghost 3 suit. It utilises the same Yamamoto 39 neoprene as Orca’s Core suit, with a 4.5mm aerodrome panel across the chest to aid buoyancy. There are also 2.5mm panels in the legs and a front zipper with easy access to interior pockets. Yonda is a British based brand who have relentlessly innovated their swimrun suits, the Ghost is a quality suit picking up Triathlon 220’s best on test.

10. Colting Swimrun SR03

The SR03 is one of the thinnest swimrun wetsuits on the market, with a thickness of just 1.5mm across most of the suit – the sides have a special panel 0.8mm thick to aid mobility while swimming and running. Though thin, the Yamamoto neoprene ensures that it’s flexible and water-tight. It also has an adjustable buoyancy system – the suit comes with three thicknesses of float, so you can choose which you want to insert into the thigh mesh pockets.