Author: Abigail Lister

Swimrun Norway Race Preview: Lofoten Swimrun

Scandinavian swimrun courses are often seen as the pinnacle of the sport, and Lofoten Swimrun encapsulates the adventure, beauty, and intensity that swimrunners are looking for. The event takes place in the very north of Norway, within the Arctic Circle, and the 16km route takes in freshwater lake swims, mountain climbs, and beach runs. Begun […]

Is The Frog Graham Round The Most Challenging Swimrun In The World?

For an experienced Swimrunner, the thrill of the sport comes from finding the toughest courses around the world. One immediately thinks of the legendary ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship, a 75km monster. But in the UK lurks a different beast, 64km long and with 15,000 feet of climbing. The Frog Graham Round (FGR) takes place in […]