Swimrun Norway Race Preview: Lofoten Swimrun

Scandinavian swimrun courses are often seen as the pinnacle of the sport, and Lofoten Swimrun encapsulates the adventure, beauty, and intensity that swimrunners are looking for. The event takes place in the very north of Norway, within the Arctic Circle, and the 16km route takes in freshwater lake swims, mountain climbs, and beach runs.

Race Director Kristian Nashoug at The Arctic Triple

Begun in 2019, the second edition of Lofoten Swimrun will take place on the 13th of August this year. To get you ready for this breathtaking event, we spoke to Race Director Kristian Nashoug about what to expect from the event.

Kristian has been a fan of outdoor sports all of his life, and regularly enjoys skiing, running, and biking. He’s also no stranger to endurance events, having participated in events like Norseman, Expedition Amundsen, Birkebeinertrippelen, and the Arctic Triple races.

Kristian Nashoug

Now, Lofoten Swimrun joins the main Arctic Triple events (Skimo, a ski mountaineering race, the Ultra-Trail®, and a triathlon), with hopes that it will become a staple of the Norwegian endurance events calendar in years to come.

Why did you decide to run a swimrun event in addition to the Arctic Triple?

Lofoten is a great location for a swimrun and we wanted to extend some extra side events in addition to The Arctic Triple main events. The archipelago Lofoten consists of many islands, fjords, and spectacular mountains, so this is such a cool combination for strong memorable experiences for the athletes.

lofoten swimrun participants swimming

What do you think is the most challenging part of the course for athletes?

The climb up to the epic mountain Festvågtind is quite steep, but the reward at the top is the world-class view.

lofoten swimrun participants climbing

What’s the highlight of this course?

In my opinion, there are several highlights. First highlight is the starting point, which is Rørvika beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten. Secondly, the view from Festvågtind, as I mentioned, is absolutely epic and can not be described by words. Lastly, the village of Henningsvær is super cosy, and running through this before hitting the finish line is also a highlight of the course.

Do you have a top tip for first-time racers?

Be prepared! This race may not look too long, but it is definitely a good challenge. It is quite technically demanding, the water temperature is not the warmest (13-15 degrees) and the mountain climb is hard. Train hard, get ready and you will have the time of your life.

What do you love about swimrun?

The combination of running and swimming where you have to manage the transitions and adapt to the new elements all the time. In a swimrun, you will see awesome spots that you would normally not be able to explore.

It is also a mental challenge as well as the physical side of it that I really like. Also, the fact that this is a team challenge, so you have to help each other and work as a team to reach your common goal.

2 lofoten swimrun participants running

Entries still open

You can still register for Lofoten Swimrun until Sunday 31st July, after which time there will be some late entries available. Register here.

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