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Colting Swimrun Wetsuits: Choosing the Right Equipment for Every Event

Swimrun has grown from a niche endurance event to a global sport with 300 events held each year in every corner of the world from the US to the Canary Islands and Mexico.

As the sport has grown, so has the amount of specialist equipment available to participants, including wetsuits. Global brands like Colting now offer a wide range of styles for every kind of race and athlete. But how do you know which one to choose?

In this mini guide, we’ll run through Colting Swimrun’s wetsuits and how to choose the right one depending on the type of event you’re doing or your experience level.

Your First Swimrun Event

Colting created the SwimrunGO as a more affordable wetsuit option for beginner swimrunners. Priced at £170, it’s one of the cheapest specialist swimrun wetsuits on the market, making it ideal for those who want to give the sport a go without committing to expensive equipment. Regardless, this wetsuit has the same necessary features as a top-of-the-range wetsuit, including additional buoyancy panels in the stomach, a whistle, and two lower-back pockets.

Warmer Water Events

The SR03 is Colting’s premier swimrun wetsuit, and at £380, it’s not cheap. However, for people who are perhaps looking for their first specially-designed swimrun wetsuit, it’s a great option. At 1.5mm thickness, it’s on the thinner side, meaning it’s light and fast. Additionally, it doesn’t have as much buoyancy as other suits, so it might be better for races with shorter swim sections. However, it’s still an optimal intermediate suit with everything you might need for racing, including adjustable buoyancy and two zippers.

Swimrun Racing In The Heat

Sometimes, a full wetsuit isn’t suitable. And with swimrun becoming a global sport, you might even be itching to try a race in the tropics in the future. In this case, Colting’s Swimrunpants and Swimrunjersey provide the right combination of durability, buoyancy, and freedom.

The jersey and pants use the same flexible Yamamoto material, ensuring you’re still protected from scratches while entering and exiting the water. But with an extra breathable mesh on the jersey and flexible seals, you can race to the best of your ability even in the heat. Some swimrunners might also find this a good option for training or sprint races in the summer.

For More Information

For more information about Colting Wetsuits and other swimrun equipment, head on over to coltingwetsuits.com.

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