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Top 5 Swimrun Race Tips From Hugo Tormento

Hugo Tormento is one of the best swimrun athletes in the world who was part of the Swimrun for Arc team raising funds and awareness of pancreatic cancer. Hugo recently took first place with his teammate Max Andersson in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Utö.

Hugo trains a lot, with a typical training week consisting of 100km of running and 25km of swimming, here are 5 of his top tips for swimrun success. You can follow Hugo here.

Photo credit: Pierre Mangez Photography &  ÖTILLÖ World Series

Hugo’s Top 5 Tips:

  • Do most of your training swims with paddles and a pull buoy.
  • Do a lot of low intensity runs just to feel comfortable running.
  • Get used to your teammates habits in order to knows how they are thinking without talking, just by watching them.
  • Create some sort of routine with your teammate during transitions in order to be efficient (for example having one of you saying each things that need to be fixed before entering water).
  • During a race use a little soft flask with over concentrated energy powder, it’s like having a big gel that you can use exactly like you want instead of being forced to take a whole gel.
Hugo (first on the left) and the Swimrun for Arc team at the Gorges Du Verdon Swimrun

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