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Swimrun Rankings: Demystifying All The Major Global Rankings

There are various rankings around the world, we demystify three of the largest rankings out there to give a summarised view along with any drawbacks (as the Editorial team at swimrun.com see them!). Alongside the big three, are individual series rankings with some of the larger race organisers including: ÖDYSSEY SwimRun Ranking, SWIMRUNMAN FRANCE Ranking and  Swimrun Portugal Rankings

TSR SwimRun Rankings – 58 Qualifying Races 

In a nutshell: There are some serious maths at work behind the TSR Rankings. Races are graded by competitiveness with a minimum criteria required ( races must have 50 finishers in the previous year) to get competitive points. Points awarded for winners time + 20% and then points distributed against a cubic curve. If this sounds technical, have a read of the methodology here. The maths produces a fair distribution of ranking points. Not running in 2023. 

Drawbacks: The rankings are ÖTILLÖ skewed with more points for ÖTILLÖ World Series vs another race. 

My Swimrun Championships – 8 Qualifying Races 

In a nutshell: You score points as an individual (rather than a team) if you finish in the top 30. The top 250 are invited to register for one of the championship final races (Long, Half & Sprint). Myswimrunchampionships have developed a fair and easy to understand rankings system which encourages participation in races which have a ‘local flavour’

Drawbacks: If you finish outside the top 30, you don’t get points. 

Swim Run Rheinsberg, Sprint Final 2023

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Rankings – 19 Qualifying Races  

In a nutshell: You accrue points for finishing the ÖTILLÖ World Series and ÖTILLÖ Merit Races (19 races total) which allows participants to qualify for the ÖTILLÖ World Championship. Not all races are treated equally, 40% of your points come from your overall result and 60% from your time based on the average finishing times of all teams.  

Drawbacks: You can only get points as a team which doesn’t suit athletes who change partners or solo participants. 

Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of swimrun.com. He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.

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