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Luxembourg’s Hidden Gem: All About The SuretoSure Swimrun

The SuretoSure Swimrun is Luxembourg’s original swimrun race. Participants will experience fine shore to shore swims across majestic reservoir lakes of the river Sure and trail running through dense forests in the surrounding hills. The race is sponsored by CDDS and partnered with Brouwerij Debrabandere & Head.

Swimrun.com caught up with race organisers Yann-Alexandre Tytgadt and brothers Nick and Thomas Van Praag on their journey so far and what participants can expect at the next edition of the race in June.

The three discovered swimrun when they entered the Höga Kusten Swimrun in Sweden. They were instantly gripped, describing it as a ‘mind-blowing experience’. Swimrun appealed them for feeling truly immersed in the terrain they traversed though by human power. Along with the team element which created a very unique atmosphere and dynamic. 

sûre river in luxembourg

Tell us about the name SuretoSure Swimrun?

It’s a combination of the name of the river ‘Sure’ where the event is held and the fact you’re swimming from shore to shore. There is also a nod to the ÖTILLÖ race (ÖTILLÖ literally means island to island).

What can participants expect at your race this year?

An adventurous course in nature and a cosy familiar atmosphere before, during and after the race. We only allow 125 teams this year and aim to be a quality race, not a mass event. There are athletes of all kinds participating from veteran swimrunners to first-timers. An overly competitive mind might be slightly disappointed with the lack of focus on the winner.

The course has been designed to deliver the full swimrun experience; traversing through a beautiful landscape and being at one with nature.  

swimrun participant swimming in the sûre river luxembourg

What was the first race like?

The first swimrun in 2017 was very much aimed at being a friends and family event following the great experience we had training at the beautiful reservoir lake. In the end about half of the 30-ish teams were from all around the region with entries not only from Luxemburg itself but also from France, Germany and the Netherlands, next to Belgium, our home. We realized this had potential and decided to make it a yearly recurring event.

What went well?

Participants really enjoyed the first event, many teams ended up staying late in the evening at the event site for the BBQ. The atmosphere was great and many first year teams have returned ever since.

What didn’t go so well?

During the first event quite a few teams got lost and we realized the course was quite a bit more adventurous than people expected, meaning they’d have to have pretty good navigation skills to stay on track.

We have subsequently improved the signage along the way to avoid people getting lost. At the same time, we felt some degree of navigation was actually an aspect to the race that we wanted to keep.

2 swimrun runners competing on woodland track

What does the future hold?

A lot less Covid and a lot more swimrunning! We aim to stay true to our small-scale philosophy so IF we expand, it will be a different event in a different location…

Finally, what would be your top piece of advice for a first-time swimrunner?

Go out with your teammate for a training swimrun and practice the transitions. You can download a beginners 8 week training plan here.

The 24.4 Challenge is already sold out and last few spaces remain for the 10.3 sprint distance. You can visit the race website for more information.

a swimrun swimmer racing in the sure lake

Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of swimrun.com. He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.

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