The Best Swimrun Wetsuits: Zone3 Evolution Swimrun Wetsuit Review

The Zone3 Evolution wetsuit is a top rated and an advanced swimrun wetsuit. It claims to be the lightest full neoprene swimrun wetsuit on the market coming with a range of features. Our Editor, Fred put it through its paces in training and at the LoveSwimrun Llanberis race to see if it lived up to the hype. 

Fred Newton wearing the zone 3 evolution websuit

Flexibility & Comfort – 10/10

Perhaps one of the most important attributes of a swimrun wetsuit is flexibility. The Zone3 Evolution did not disappoint. It was extremely comfortable when swimming and as you would expect from a premium suit. The design is clever, essentially there is plenty of neoprene around the core (5mm) and minimal around other areas (1.5mm) which allow for greater movement. This was a fast suit to run in and with an excellent range of motion. The Evolution coped well with both dynamic transitions and technical trails. The overall flexibility of this suit is stunning.  

Fred Newton coming out of the water wearing the the zone3 evolution wetsuit

Robustness & Toughness – 7/10

In general the Evolution stands up well to the demands of swimrun. Surviving the scratches from brambles, being pulled up grassy banks and sliding across rocky surfaces. Some of the seams have frayed a little which was disappointing but you should expect at least several seasons of life from this wetsuit. 

Warmth & Buoyancy – 9/10

It is taken for granted these days that all swimrun wetsuits are expected to have a good standard of buoyancy and warmth, exceeding that standard is difficult. The Evolution has an especially well considered distribution of neoprene, there is warmth and buoyancy in all the right places. The designers have created torso panels which have air bubbles built between the fabric layers claiming to make 30% more buoyant than conventional neoprene. And actually, you notice it. 

the zone3 evolution wetsuit close up view

Extras – 9/10

Six very useful pockets, of which four are external and two are internal. The pockets zip from top to bottom which is the right way around for getting your items in and out quickly while on the move. The additional arm sleeves are vibrant and are a good addition for colder water. The wetsuit cabs down easily enough without requiring help. The only thing it doesn’t have, is a built-in whistle. All in all, some well considered features and plenty of places to stash spare equipment and nutrition.

fred newton competing & running wearing the zone3 evolution wetsuit

Appearance – 10/10

This is a gorgeous and modern looking wetsuit. It really does look the business and is aesthetically very appealing. 

Overall – 9/10

This is an excellent performance orientated swimrun wetsuit. It is extremely comfortable for both running and swimming in and looks phenomenal. You would happily wear it all day and then to the after-party! For more information, visit Zone3.

fred newton wearing the zone3 evolution wetsuit with winning medal & competitors
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Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.