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Top 5 Swimrun Socks

Swimrun socks are essential for an enjoyable swimrun race. Socks should have compression capabilities supporting your lower limbs through the dynamic changes swimrun demanded of your muscles. Swimrun socks should offer some level of protection from jagged rocks and be bright and visible! These are the best swimrun socks out there right now according to our annual swimrun awards.


Monkey Sox produce a great pair of socks at a great price. The Victory X1 should be your choice for swimrun, with 50% of profits supporting MS charities.

Gococo Compression Socks

Swedish brand Gococo have been involved with swimrun for a long time. Gococo socks are high quality, durable and brighly coloured.

CEP Ultralight Socks

Made from extremely light fabrics, CEP have produced a good all-round sock for swimrun. These socks attract a premium price-point.

Absolute 360 Socks

An ankle option which will be preferred by some. Absolute 360 socks are bright, durable and comfortable. They can also be used for other sports outside of swimrun so pack plenty of versatility.

La Sportiva Ultra Running Socks

Comfortable and well-made, the La Sportiva socks are stylish and unfussy. Another option for those who prefer ankle socks.

ARK Sports Performance Socks

ARK Sports is a brand synonymous with swimrun. With ARK, you can expect a fast and performance oriented product.

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