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Swimrun Socks: How To Choose The Right Pair of Swimrun Socks

We caught up with Annie Wennergren of Gococo who have been making Swimrun specific socks for over 10 years on how to choose the right pair.

Socks or no socks?

Going without socks is not an option. Sock-less participants (there are some), will cross the finish line with no skin left. The physical nature of Swimrun will let sand and other foreign objects like grit, small rocks and mud into your shoes. Going without socks will destroy your feet and race.

What should a swimrunner look for when choosing a pair of socks?

  1. A pair of high socks (rather than ankle socks) are essential. It is important not to get sand, mud or any other natural matter in the layer between skin and sock which causes friction and blisters. High socks will protect you from the bushes, branches, jagged rocks and any other delights you encounter on the trails. High socks also help at transitions, the most likely place to scratch your legs.
  2. Compression socks will support the rugged nature of Swimrun and the demands on your body quickly changing muscle groups between run, swim and transition.
  3. Socks should not carry too much water and regulate your lower limb body temperature.
Photo Credit: ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN UTÖ by Jakob Edholm

The best swimrun socks out there

Gococo, a family-run Swedish company are the market leader in Swimrun socks. They have been involved with the ÖTILLÖ race since the early years.

Gococo socks are crammed with the latest technology, notably using the fascinating 37.5 technology with naturally infused particles into the yarns. This technology reacts on humidity rather than water or sweat, keeping an optimal body temperature at 37.5 degrees.

How robust are Gococo socks? 

Gococo socks are tough. While there is a fine balance between functionality and durability, Annie says that she wants athletes to have ‘a durable sock as possible’.

Photo Credit: ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN by Jakob Edholm

Gococo socks come in an array of bright colours

Having bright socks so you can match with your teammate and look cool is only one part of the story. As an elite sailor, Annie and her sister Linnea understood the importance of having highly visible clothing in the ocean. There is a compelling safety reason for having Gococo socks, you can be seen by other water users and your teammate.

The swimrun.com summary?

It’s an easy one. Gococo!

hoto Credit: ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN by Jakob Edholm

Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of swimrun.com. He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.

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