Top 5 Swimrun Race Tips For Beginners 

Here are five practical race-day tips from Le Editor at There is no substitute for practicing and trying these things in training which allows you to enjoy a full and joyful swimrun race experience. 

swimrun competitors holding soft flasks

1) Soft Flask 

Almost all races are cup-free and you will see lots of people with reusable cups. A 250ml – 500ml soft flask is a much better option than a cup. You can pre-fill it with water, energy or electrolyte and also have the option to have water both at checkpoints and to re-fill and carry it for hydration after that checkpoint. 

2) Turn Goggles Inside Out

After coming out of your first swim, turn your goggles inside out so that they are facing outwards. This will prevent them from steaming up while running and should give you nice clear goggles for the next swim.

swimrun competitor (fren newton) wearing swimrun goggles inside out

3) Prepare For Transitions 200m Out

While it is very tempting to wait until you are in the water before preparing for a swim, sorting your gear ahead of the water will allow you to focus on a clean entry into the water. In this order; release your pull buoy first, have your hand paddles ready and put your goggles on last. And slow down. Entering the water in a relaxed state will help as you change your breathing from running to swimming.  

4) ‘Cabbing Down’ 

All swimrun wetsuits are designed with a front zip, some also have a back zip. Unzipping your suit also known as ‘cabbing down’ after coming out of swims is key. Even if you are cold, running in neoprene will soon warm you up and having a well ventilated core will help regulate your body temperature. For longer runs, also think about removing your swim cap for optimal running performance. Your aim is to be as comfortable as possible on runs.

5) Make Friends With Your Shoes 

The motion of swimming can make your laces come undone. So double tying your laces and tucking them well-in to prevent having to retie your laces is a good idea. Grit entering your shoes is almost inevitable, wearing a decent pair of socks prevents blistering.  

double tying laces  & tucking them in yellow inov-8 swimrun shoes

Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.