3 Of The Best Swimrun Tow Lines

Swimrun tow lines also called ‘tethers’,’tow ropes’,’bungee cords’ or just ‘cords’ are used by some teams participating in a Swimrun. They are not mandatory bits of kit for Swimrun races although you would expect to see around 50% of teams using tow lines. 

The tow line is essentially a bungee cord with a clip on each end. You can make one yourself or buy one. The line is used in swim sections with the stronger swimmer at the front, to aid on difficult transitions and sometimes on run sections. A tow line when used properly will increase speed in the water.

The leading swimmer should have the tow line attached to the front of their body with the back swimmer positioned directly behind.

Here are three of the best Swimrun tethers to purchase:

1.Colting Wetsuits Swimrun Cord

A decent premium option from Colting. A nice additional feature on the belt is a hook to attach Swimrun hand paddles on.

2.Orca Swimrun Bungee Cord

Widely used and works well. Bright cord colour is excellent for the back swimmer to keep inline with the front swimmer.


Cheap and cheerful. A decent budget option although you will need an additional waist band or way to attach it to your wetsuits.

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