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SwimRun Cyprus: All About The Delightful Destination Swimrun In Temperate Seas

Nestled in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, lies the unique island nation of Cyprus. Known as the Europe’s sunniest island and a melting pot of cultures as Europe meets Western Asia, Cyprus is also home to SwimRun Cyprus; a wonderful destination location to do a swimrun race and enjoy a vacation. 

SwimRun Cyprus is organised by former national swimmer and two-time Olympian, George Demetriades. Since 2019, swimrun has come to Cyprus’ beautiful shores and returns this year on the 13th October 2024. There is something for everyone with 5km to 19km courses on offer.

Swimrun in the country sits under the Cyprus Triathlon Federation umbrella which pulls a lot of participants from triathlon background, and the swimrun community grows in the country year on year. Since Cyprus is a relatively small country with a population of just over 1 million, the race looks to attract international participants. It looks like an absolute corker!

What can participants expect at the SwimRun Cyprus?

The good air connectivity between Europe and Cyprus, as well as the very good climatic conditions, make Cyprus an ideal destination for combining participation in the race with a few days of vacation. The sea temperatire is a lovely 25 degrees and the air tempertaure tipically in the mid 20s. Using a neoprene wetsuit is entirely optional. 

The route of the race is on the east coastline of the island, where Cape Greco peninsula is located and which is almost the easternmost point of Europe.

In the 2024 race, we will offer three distances: 5 km, 13 km, and 19 km, and registrations will be individual – solo. The 5 km is designed for inexperienced athletes , just giving them the opportunity to try this new sport. The 13km and 19km routes are suitable for athletes that they had at least one swimrun race at the past or athletes that are experienced in mixed terrain running and being good swimmers.

What is the atmosphere like?

The atmosphere is unique. The night before the race there is a briefing where athletes can meet each other and share their experiences. Many volunteers are also athletes of triathlon or running industry and this mixtures gives a special touch to the event. After the briefing small groups of athletes and or relatives are enjoying the local food and drinks at the tourist area of Protaras. 

Race day is a fun day!  The locals are friendly, music is playing loud throughout the course but you will not believe the cheeriness of the marshals, especially for those who will join the long distance of 19km. 

What do you think is the most challenging part of the course is for athletes?

Running is a mixture of flat running on the coastal paths of the tourist area of Protaras, dirty running and rocks while heading to the Cape Greco penisula which is the easter most point of Europe. Swimming also has entries and exits from sandy beaches but also rocky small cliffs.

We could say that for the 2024 race the most challenging part is the narrow dirty paths at the Konnos area and the elevation gain which will gives you a full view of the turquoise waters of Protaras and the staggering scenery of Konnos and Cape Greco.  

What’s the highlight of this course?

The course is detailed designed to pass by the most famous sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, and other famous hotspots for tourists like natural rock bridges, famous monastery of Ayioi Anargyri, Cyclops Cave and many more. Our goal was to give the athletes the opportunity to see all these while running and swimming.

Just how hard is the longer course?

The 19km route is suitable for athletes that they have done at least one swimrun race at the past or athletes that are experienced in mixed terrain running and good swimmers.

Your top tip for beginner swimrun participants?

Be willing to try, adapt to the nature, and let your imagination go wild! If you come to the finish line all the pain and exhaustion will be forgotten. It will be a moment you will remember your whole life.

Click here to find out more about SwimRun Cyprus.

Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of swimrun.com. He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.

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