Löw Tide Böyz

Swimrun Podcast

Chipper & Chris aka ‘The Löw Tide Böyz‘ have a brilliant swimrun podcast to hear about all things about the swimrun sport. You can download the latest episodes directly from their website.

The guys are swimrun fanatics based in Northern California. They are good friends, new-ish dads, training buddies, adventure seekers, accountability partners, and endurance “athletes”.

With the blessing of their wives, they have competed in road marathons, Ironman triathlons, ultramarathons, double century cycling events and local turkey trots. They started participating in swimrun events in 2018 and became hooked right away and thus, the Löw Tide Böyz was born! (The podcast and meme account were born in late 2019).

Their dual goals for a unique brand of entertainment are to help grow the sport of swimrun in the United States (and the world) while striving to make it as accessible, inclusive, and diverse as possible in the process.

On their website, new and seasoned Swimrunners can find everything from gear guides, race calendars, links to previous episodes of their podcast and gear talk shows, and so much more. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions that you have.


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