swimrun events calendar for 2022

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May 21st 2022SwedenExperience Utö7.9RaceÖTILLÖ
May 21st 2022SwedenSprint Utö16.5RaceÖTILLÖ
May 21st 2022SwedenWorld Series Utö34RaceÖTILLÖ
May 26th 2022CanadaHuronia SwimRun Challenge13RaceMudskipper
June 4th 2022EnglandExperience Isles of Scilly7.9RaceÖTILLÖ
June 4th 2022EnglandSprint Isles of Scilly15.4RaceÖTILLÖ
June 5th 2022EnglandWorld Series Isles of Scilly37.3RaceÖTILLÖ
June 5th 2022EnglandMustard Training and Kit TestingN/ATrainingAKA Mustard
June 6th 2022CanadaWelland SwimRun Challenge7.5RaceMudskipper
June 18th 2022WalesLlanberis Sprint Course6RaceLoveSwimRun
June 18th 2022WalesLlanberis Full Course16RaceLoveSwimRun
June 19th 2022WalesTal Y Llyn10RaceWeSwimRun
June 19th 2022EnglandNene Park Peterborough 10k10RaceAKA Mustard
June 19th 2022EnglandNene Park Peterborough 21k21RaceAKA Mustard
June 19th 2022EnglandNene Park Peterborough 39k39RaceAKA Mustard
July 2nd 2022EnglandConiston Sprint21RaceBRECA
July 3rd 2022EnglandConiston Full45RaceBRECA
July 9th 2022SwitzerlandExperience Engadin7.1RaceÖTILLÖ
July 9th 2022SwitzerlandSprint Engadin15.2RaceÖTILLÖ
July 9th 2022SwitzerlandWorld Series Engadin43.4RaceÖTILLÖ
July 10th 2022EnglandManvers Lake Intro 5k5RaceAKA Mustard
July 10th 2022EnglandManvers Lake 10k10RaceAKA Mustard
July 17th 2022USACasco Bay Islands Short Course19RaceÖDYSSEY
July 17th 2022USACasco Bay Islands Long Course35RaceÖDYSSEY
July 24th 2022CanadaNova Scotia SwimRun Challenge20RaceMudskipper
August 6th 2022SwedenExperience Gothenburg9.3RaceÖTILLÖ
August 6th 2022SwedenSprint Gothenburg17.5RaceÖTILLÖ
August 6th 2022SwedenWorld Series Gothenburg33.9RaceÖTILLÖ
August 28th 2022USAMackinac Island Short Course21RaceÖDYSSEY
August 28th 2022USAMackinac Island Long Course30RaceÖDYSSEY
September 3rd 2022SwedenSprint Final 15K12.1RaceÖTILLÖ
September 5th 2022SwedenThe Swimrun World Championship74.68RaceÖTILLÖ
September 11th 2022EnglandBewl Water 6k Intro6RaceAKA Mustard
September 11th 2022EnglandBewl Water 10k10RaceAKA Mustard
September 11th 2022EnglandBewl Water 21k21RaceAKA Mustard
September 18th 2022USAOrcas Island Short Course19.8RaceÖDYSSEY
September 18th 2022USAOrcas Island Long Course39RaceÖDYSSEY
September 25th 2022EnglandGrafham Water 5k Intro5RaceAKA Mustard
September 25th 2022EnglandGraham Water 10k10RaceAKA Mustard
September 25th 2022EnglandGrafham Water 21k21RaceAKA Mustard
October 15th 2022FranceExperience Cannes7.3RaceÖTILLÖ
October 15th 2022FranceSprint Cannes13.1RaceÖTILLÖ
October 15th 2022FranceWorld Series Cannes40.4RaceÖTILLÖ
November 6th 2022USAAustin Pace Bend Short Course14.5RaceÖDYSSEY
November 6th 2022USAAustin Pace Bend Long Course26.5RaceÖDYSSEY
TBDGermanyExperience 1000 Lakes8.3RaceÖTILLÖ
TBDGermanySprint 1000 Lakes16.9RaceÖTILLÖ
TBDGermanyWorld Series 1000 Lakes42.2RaceÖTILLÖ
TBDMaltaExperience Malta7.4RaceÖTILLÖ
TBDMaltaSprint Malta12.8RaceÖTILLÖ
TBDMaltaWorld Series Malta39RaceÖTILLÖ
TBDUSAExperience Catalina7.8RaceÖTILLÖ
TBDUSASprint Catalina15RaceÖTILLÖ
TBDUSAWorld Series Catalina38.4RaceÖTILLÖ

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