swimrun advanced training plan

This training plan and advice has been prepared by Richard Stannard. This is meant for intermediate to advanced swimrunners who want to take their performance to the next level and is in a 6 week block.

Richard and his teammate Sarah Richardson are one of the best mixed swimrun teams in the world. Richard is an excellent swimrun coach and runs swimrun wetsuit repair. You can contact him on 07511 501312 or via his website here.

Before Starting Your Training

The most important thing when embarking on a training program is to remain as consistent as possible. It is also worth trying to incorporate some strength and conditioning into your schedule. It does not mean you need to lift heavy weights. It could be as simple as doing stability and rehabilitation exercise in order to avoid injury.

Due to the nature of swimrun races, with most being at least 20 km in length, it is important that any training program includes a large portion of aerobic exercise. However, in addition to longer steadier state training, interval work is vital to improve overall fitness and speed.

The Training Plan

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