Breca Swimun Is Back

Announced on a statement this week, swimrun enthusiast Jon Littlewood, has relaunched Breca Swimrun after acquiring the brand assets from liquidators to form a new business.

Who is Jon Littlewood? 

Jon is a passionate swimrunner and a popular figure having participated in many swimrun events, he is affectionately known by swimrun friends as ‘Captain Kit’ for his obsession with swimrun equipment. He has been instrumental in growing into one of the respected platforms in the industry and is driven by a strong sense of purpose to help push swimrun onwards and upwards. 

He has a sharp business brain and is a serial entrepreneur having been in business since a teenager. Worth remembering that the definition of an entrepreneur is someone who can spot opportunities where others don’t while being prepared to take risks. Which is exactly what he is doing with reviving the Breca brand.

Discussing the relaunch of Breca, Jon said: “Ever since I competed in my first swimrun event, I completely fell in love with the sport and have since enjoyed being part of a vibrant, passionate, and growing community of people both UK and worldwide”.

Jon in Malta (Left) & with Anders Malm (Right), the first ever swimrunner.

What is the plan this year?

Breca, but not as people know it (at least initially). It is quite fitting that this new company is marking a big step change away from wild races to focus on a new urban race series.

To be held at Princes’ Dock Liverpool, the first Breca Swimrun race of 2023 will enable participants to compete over a 2-kilometre course, with two swims totalling 400m and three runs totalling 1.6km. The race should appeal to anyone who wants to try swimrun for the first time or those competitive types who like the idea of a fast and furious event.Participants can also expect a number of heats and a final, plus a parent and child team event, together with plenty of action for spectators.

Jon added: “I believe we’ve created a race format that’s high-energy and exciting for participants and spectators alike, while also being a great introduction to swimrun for first timers of almost any age. What’s more, any free or discounted race passes issued to participants as prizes by Breca in the past that haven’t been used, will be honoured for this event.”

The adventure series

Breca 2.0 plans to launch an ‘adventure series’ which might mean new locations or old races brought back. According to the Breca Swimrun website:

”We’re also bringing back the classic races in wild places that Breca is known for with our A Series, launching next year. Long trails and open water is what these adventure races are all about and we cannot wait to share our plans with you soon. To be the first to know when we launch our new A Series, make sure you are signed up”

Should Breca be back?

This will provoke mixed feelings for many. Anger, apathy and excitement.

The old company, Breca Swimrun Limited had imploded. Investors, customers and partners all left in the dark as the company slowly wound up. Some things are best left. 

The intentions are good but the proof will be in the pudding. Jon’s take-over comes with significant risks, swimrun races are not cheap to put on – and it is paramount that he reestablishes trust and grows the races in a sustainable way. A resurgent Breca needs to tread carefully, swimrun is still a small sport and needs success stories not cancelled races.

The original Breca races were stunning point to point journeys in wild environments, the fact that some of these types of races might return is really very exciting. The new event format in September is an interesting format which should encourage people into the sport and create a festival ‘feel-good’ atmosphere.

What does this mean for

Jon has ceased all operational duties with with immediate effect. will remain fully independent and continue in its mission to grow and promote the sport of swimrun.

For’s Fred who has taken over as Managing Editor ”I have mixed feelings about seeing Breca return, but what people don’t see is how hard Jon is working behind the scenes to make this a success. I really hope the swimrun community can get behind him – Captain Kit is a decent bloke (but needs to do some hill training), so give him a chance to climb the mountain’.

Fred Newton

Fred is the Editor and co-founder of He has actively been involved with the sport of swimrun as an enthusiastic participant, race director, volunteer and journalist.